Tuesday, 17 July 2007

what if you leave a lawyer, what happens?

When I left Avadis, I was stuck with the paperwork and not knowing where to head next, I just kept on ringing firms.
One of them just took the signatures, bundles, everything then rang Avadis, Avaid told them he's a demanding client, and as a result, they rang and told me, "sorry, we won't take your case on", without giving reasons.

All I wanted at the time was just to get someone to represent me, I didn't need any maneuvering, or clever works, just straight plain representation.

But none of it, all I had was straight cowardice, nobody wanted to take my case, till I got Punatar, who were very easy to deal with.

They asked me to give them the paperwork which I did, and started acting straightaway, no time waste.

I met them a couple of times and was getting ready for my second assessment (more on that in the assessment area, so there was nothing anybody can do to remedy the situation.

Punatar was very professional they arranged for me to go to meet the barrister before the hearing and their advice was very good, and when I wanted more, they gave me more.

However, as I had to give up on the case in the end and after the final hearing I wanted them to help me with the situation with regards to the Tavistock whom I wanted to pursue the matter against, but unfortunately, I wasn't helped and they just kept saying we are waiting for response from the barrister for no good reason, and yet they were drawing money from the legal aid without doing any service (or so I thought at least) so I wrote to cancel our agreement and stop the contract.

The scandalous bit was when I first went to Hodge Jones and Allen who simply said, ok we take it on, but we can't even write a letter on your behalf till we have received funds from legal services which delayed the case by at least 1 month, who knows what would have happened if they started on it straight away, they got the money anyway, but it could have saved poor Salma from death if they started earlier, I think Hodge Jones and Allan helped killing Salma in many ways, and in the article related to them I will tell more, but that is one of the things they did.

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