Saturday, 21 July 2007

out of borough solicitors

solicitors out of borough are the natural choice,
for me I found that the second solicitors, (Punatar) were just about the best,
I send them papers, they just go and post it to the SS,
I ask them to say something, they just go and say it,
it could be because of the fact that they are more to do with Islington perhaps,
but I learnt that local authorities have favours exchanged with local solicitors,
surely they have contracts with hired-guns, such as the tavistock, monroe, etc,
but with solicitors I was shocked to find out the truth.

Yes, Camden council has got links with every solicitor in the area,
and this is why it's not strange to hear: "sorry we have a lot of cases at the moment",

Bindmans solicitors are an example,
I saw it on a website that they won a case against the SS, and was impressed,
so I rang them back in December 2005, no luck.

I tried again many times in early 2006, but everytime they say they have no place for me,
again in 2006, no luck
even after Salma died, they don't even want to do the injury claim!!!

strange when you really trust a system only to find out that it's so corrupt!

Punatar, (perhaps it was the circumstances) did an excellent job on us, the judge had sent us to another assessment, and we had it in our minds: (pass this, you have a chance, fait it, and you're doomed) so I told them there's nothing you can do for me, .. just wish me luck,
they simply said they would, and we went on to loose the second assessment (more on this later)

One thing I am so eager to mention is that when they were asked for what is seemingly a no-go issue, (namely when I asked for the judge to bring in the people who made lies about me and interrogate them (cross-question), they still tried in court for me, but we failed, but at least we tried.

however after the case was all over, I felt it's not right for them to charge anything, and I had a letter from them telling me they were increasing some charges, so I got mad and warned them if they don't stop charging I would complain, and they accepted it, and all was finished amicably.

I feel sorry about being aggressive, but it felt fair at the time.
I would recommend Punatar to anyone at the moment.

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