Friday, 27 July 2007

the right honourable Frank Dobson MP, honourable!!!?

alright Mr Dobson, I think it's time you listen now January 2005 I wrote you a letter and called you,all I wanted was for you to stop your gangsters ,they came my house and maltreated me ..Kurt Ferdinand gave me two names,Kurt and Hamza, .. I had to doubt him,Claire Day told my wife she had been abused sexually,I asked you to stop this kind of person coming to me,you never listened,-------------Feb2005, you said the case is now in court, can't see to itI have that on tape Frank .. I will let the people listen,I know you can't do anything once it's in court,but you could have done a lot before it did-------------July2006, I rang again to say it's out of court, said there's a court decision, nothing you can do about it ...I let you get away with that ...---------------in March 2007 I rang and wrote .. you never bothered answering,in July 2007, Salma is dead now sir, I hoped your conscience would wake upbut no didn't say there's nothing you can do didn't even bother to answer my calls ..and for that ... you will be sorryI will publish copies of the phone conversations ..with your aids/ receptionists, ... who promise to come backbut never bother ..surely all foolish people who vote for you would love to read this storyyours despisinglyWalid

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