Thursday, 6 November 2008

Andy Wiener, a ruthless savage, also works for the Tavistock

Dear all,

so far, we haven't added much to this site, and I expect improvements to be so slow you will feel that we have given up in the campaign, but far from it.

we are actually extremely active and we are making a lot of progress,
the only thing is that we are fighting a punch of hardened terrorists with a lot of power, and eventually, this country will be rid of those money craving monsters.

to let you know who Andy Wiener is, I had a personal encounter with the guy,
this guy is only interested in photography, he finances his wierd hoppy from money extracted by writing damning reports about parents to help the SS snatch their children away.

I can sware in a court of law that I saw him in the act of lying, and I can provide vocal audio evidence to that.

he was 'acting' as a manager for a team that is not known exactly in Camden when he concocted a report to condemn my late hero child to be excluded from society, but his luck ran out when she won by leaving the whole world to this greedy scumbag who doesn't know anything about reason or justice.

Yesterday I was amazed to see that Elizabeth Bradley, another member of Tavistock's terrorist doctors works together with that Wiener in the Tavistock, actually under his leadership.

Simply put, Wiener is a wierd person, and here's his website,

to him this child is called 'death scene' .. that is death to him

I will keep you all updated, so please don't forget our battle against those terrorists.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

more and more on Camden Council's illegal department

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and here's the reply ..

I have just received the following two sheets from Camden Council,
they are basing their refusal as you can tell from the letter, on section 41, and this is unacceptable as the information we seek is total and not only information confided (As they claim) by Salma,
the information which led to them taking away Salma was never confided in them as naturally Salma was not in their care at the time.
Also the information that their staff have concocted about this family also is not a confidential affair, and that will cover our future, if I get married again and have a child, I will find them on my door taking my precious baby to his/her death like they did with Salma.

also, since January 2007, Salma has been on the streets running away from their tyrance, and her view of them since 2005 (i.e. since they first took her, evidence attached which was presented in court) prove that they have hidden the truth while in court.

the most important thing in this is that they claim the whole case was based on Salma's confidentially telling them things, but that's not true because in court Salma's opinion was represented by her guardian and not them and in the end Salma ran away from them, and to cover up, they are saying lies to smoother her voice.

the second thing is that the court case has been finished since 28/3 and their office was finished in Febrary, so the delay is unacceptable.

and again they are offering disclosure away from FOIA, and that is not acceptable.
What do the public need the FOI act if info is released out of it?

Camden council should abide by law and provide the information in total.
they already claimed in other letters that they have released information through their social workers while in court, and as I said this is an utter lie, we never received anything from them, and that too is not Salma confidential stuff.

and as you can see from Salma's testimony on paper given to court, she called them (liars) and that show how much confidence she had in their social care-takers.

we therefore demand the full infortmation ,everysheet of paper written by every single social worker released as the law says to us and within the time frame of the law.
If I or my partner now want to have children by adoption or whatever, we will find Camden council on our door taking our kids to the nearest graveyard as they did before and again without explanation.

I am writing this to all parties as request for internal review as well as complaint too.


Saturday, 8 December 2007

naturally they haven't given in, and didn't even respond in time!! .. which means they are liable under the British low, ...

I thought they were going to find a way to protect themselves by playing about with the low again, but their reply .. here shows how daring they are in getting away with the murder.

here you will obviousley see they have lied about the investigation which they have hired a crooked professional to cover up their tracks ..

even the bent pro's contradict them, the NSPCC said they have lied!!

to prove that they ARE liars, here's the NSPCC telling that the inquiry is over!!

freedom of information' commisioner's letter ...

After last month's scandalous reply them refusing to let go of our papers,
the camden criminals have been reported to the Freedom of Information commisioner,
here's her reply

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Salma's diary seen!...

the diary has now been shown to us,

my precious baby wrote: I am being abused by the foster carer.

but the pages before and after that are actually MISSING!

and the diary is LOOSE!

if we know that the diary was in possession of social services for nearly a month before it was let,

and for some strange reason most of Salma's possessions were held by Camden till Friday!

(Friday is the day when the diary investigation ended)

then we will realise that the criminal has had amble time to destroy all evidence!

what with a paid gun into the investigation being able to give the opinion,

the investigation ended as: yes there was abuse, BUT we can't point the finger anywhere,

AND we can say there was BAD SOCIAL WORK.

that's all we got out of it.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Pressure group formed abroad V.O.C.S.S

Victims of Camden Social Services group has been formed in a foriegn country to pursue the process of defending the victims of the social thugs and social care-takers.

more on this and a new website which I will not take part in due to my personal situation will be made available soon with news views and articles that will shock the average reader about those villains who specialise in destroyed people's lives.

scandal, social services are forging success!!

an alleged foster carer who was so happy in foster care and even managed to become a foster parent herself, has wrriten an article to the Camden New Journal who simply took in the details and published it.

I read the article and wondered how that may have happened as for that person to be in care has to have a very good reason (well, not really but that's what they always claim) and when she gets her own kids, those reasons will always stand in the way of her keeping them.

I didn't bother investigating till an insider supplied me with the bitter truth.
that person is actually a social worker who has never been in care


(victims of Camden social services group)