Saturday, 8 December 2007

naturally they haven't given in, and didn't even respond in time!! .. which means they are liable under the British low, ...

I thought they were going to find a way to protect themselves by playing about with the low again, but their reply .. here shows how daring they are in getting away with the murder.

here you will obviousley see they have lied about the investigation which they have hired a crooked professional to cover up their tracks ..

even the bent pro's contradict them, the NSPCC said they have lied!!

to prove that they ARE liars, here's the NSPCC telling that the inquiry is over!!

freedom of information' commisioner's letter ...

After last month's scandalous reply them refusing to let go of our papers,
the camden criminals have been reported to the Freedom of Information commisioner,
here's her reply

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Salma's diary seen!...

the diary has now been shown to us,

my precious baby wrote: I am being abused by the foster carer.

but the pages before and after that are actually MISSING!

and the diary is LOOSE!

if we know that the diary was in possession of social services for nearly a month before it was let,

and for some strange reason most of Salma's possessions were held by Camden till Friday!

(Friday is the day when the diary investigation ended)

then we will realise that the criminal has had amble time to destroy all evidence!

what with a paid gun into the investigation being able to give the opinion,

the investigation ended as: yes there was abuse, BUT we can't point the finger anywhere,

AND we can say there was BAD SOCIAL WORK.

that's all we got out of it.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Pressure group formed abroad V.O.C.S.S

Victims of Camden Social Services group has been formed in a foriegn country to pursue the process of defending the victims of the social thugs and social care-takers.

more on this and a new website which I will not take part in due to my personal situation will be made available soon with news views and articles that will shock the average reader about those villains who specialise in destroyed people's lives.

scandal, social services are forging success!!

an alleged foster carer who was so happy in foster care and even managed to become a foster parent herself, has wrriten an article to the Camden New Journal who simply took in the details and published it.

I read the article and wondered how that may have happened as for that person to be in care has to have a very good reason (well, not really but that's what they always claim) and when she gets her own kids, those reasons will always stand in the way of her keeping them.

I didn't bother investigating till an insider supplied me with the bitter truth.
that person is actually a social worker who has never been in care


(victims of Camden social services group)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

things camden doesn't want you to know .. friendly website


I have received an email from an anonymous user about a website which makes available knowledge public on the internet.

the knowledge has shocked me when I learnt about it, and I understand that the top ranks in the town hall such as (Helen Schroeder) and associates will not be as shocked as I have been.
but she and her comrades will be so amazed at how dirty the human trafficking industry is, espicially in Camden.

I have requested the website owner not to publish it till after the inquests and inquiries pending, and once that's all over, I will put a link to the site her.

should you require further information, please contact Miss Emily Brown or Mr Bernie Scholtz, details to be made available soon.


Monday, 15 October 2007

another victim of Camden social care-takers' negligence

Ukleigha Batten-Froggatt
Two life sentences for mother and daughter killer
Mental Health Foundation
April 4, 2006

A 30-year-old unemployed man received two life sentences today for murdering his girlfriend and her six-year-old daughter.
Mark Nicholas, 30, admitted stabbing to death 33-year-old Nicole Batten and suffocating her daughter Ukleigha Batten-Froggatt. The bodies were discovered at their home in a flat in Ossulston Street, Camden, north London, after police forced their way in. Concerns had been raised by social services because Ukleigha, who was on an at-risk register, had not been seen at school for a week.
Nicholas, of no fixed address but originally from Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, had been described in a psychiatric report as a potential danger to any woman with whom he had a relationship.
Judge David Paget ordered he should serve a minimum of 30 years before he could be considered for parole. Nicholas, a drug addict, had only been released from prison a week before the murders.
He had begun a relationship with Ms Batten in September 2004. Two months later he was jailed for driving-related offences, but went to live with her and her daughter on his release in February last year.
Ms Batten tried to end the relationship - a decision which resulted in the deaths. After the murders, Nicholas wrote a letter to a friend, saying: "All I wanted was love - all I got was grief. I will always love her... I am a murderer in love."
He acknowledged that his love would get him life sentences. Judge Paget said Nicholas had stabbed Ms Batten forcefully in the chest with a large kitchen knife which cut into her main pulmonary artery.
"Mercifully she died within seconds. You then murdered her daughter, almost certainly by putting a cushion over her face."
She was killed because she had witnessed her mother's death. Nicholas later drew out two of Ms Batten's social security benefits totalling £320. He used the money to buy heroin and crack cocaine and obtained a car in which he hoped to go to Wales. But he was arrested in Hackney, east London, six days after the killings.
A psychiatrist has said that Nicholas suffered a dangerous and severe personality disorder. He may be sent to Broadmoor for assessment for possible treatment.
But Judge Paget said if he was transferred for treatment, it would not affect the terms of his sentence.
Ms Batten's daughter had been placed on the Camden social services "at risk" register following concerns about her mother's lifestyle, in particular alleged heavy drinking.
Following Ukleigha's death, the council launched an inquiry into the conduct of the multi-agency child protection team responsible for her safety.
Source: Associated Press

Thursday, 4 October 2007

News: Crown prosecution service to prosecute adventure care

Crown prosecution service to prosecute Adventure care limited for neglecting the types of the car which killed my daughter.

more to follow.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Friends United Network, a red herring to be avoided at all costs

the family has hired a private investigator to infer truth about that network and with help from our allies in Nigeria we will publish the truth about this network here.

please bear with us till findings are available.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

truth about SS website

it came to my knowledge that a family has setup a website in
I have written to them requesting that they remove the site because of restrictions imposed by the little Adolf Hitlers in power in the town hall in Camden on me, but the blog owner refused.

however that's our positition, we refuse what they do, but can't effectively do anything more than that other than ask the gentleman/lady or the family to wait till our case has been finished in court as we are taking them to court in a last attempt to awaken British conscience that there exists things such as Helen Schrodeder and Claudia Enthoven.

in our case we are more than entitled to mention the names of the criminals who kills our child on this website, but that's all we can do, and we won't go past that.

Salma's father

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

activities paused under threat

all activities have been paused under threat that the SS have made against the father, who is currently seeking justice for his child.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Miss Joseph, (et all) (letter attached)

I received the letter attached from the police,
and as is clear, I am required not to contact social services anymore,
this is after reading in many media that camden council wished to stand by my family, and support us. This seems to have been one other lie that we have by now got used to.

I requested from Camden council copies of all documentation in all different formats on the 2nd of August, and been told that Camden will oblige under freedom of information act,
I also requested to exclude Camden council and any so called 'independent' advisers from having a say in analysis of my daughter's diary,
the reason is quite obvious, we don't believe in paid-independent bodies, and experience shown that to be the case.
I also put forward a professor child psychologist of top class tier who is world known, (unpaid, and above suspicions) to conduct the investigation.

It seems that Camden in collaporation with the child 'protection' unit are keen on having a paid 'independent' person to conduct the investigation against all recommendations and for an unknown reason.

Also, so far, I haven't had any contact with regards to the records which may well be changed by the time I receive them, and the child protection officer is not too keen on accepting a professor doctor in child psychology who is not paid and has many published works and who promises to put his hours free to come to the truth, and prefers to use the services of a paid agency which is a few yards away from camden local authorities and who has had 'deals' with camden council before and is expected to have more in the future which shed doubts on the outcome being onesided.

I, on behalf of the victim, and being a victim myself of paid 'independent' social workers, would like to make it crystal clear that we refuse the threats made by Mrs Shirly Lovell, as we have never done anything to suggest it, unless Camden are trying to muffle our voices using the police (as they did our daughter on many an occasion, or trying to avoid a public inquiry in which staff would they be shown to the public for what they really are.

We have met over the last few weeks many people who told us of horrible stories about social workers who abused their children and any of those may well go and blow the whistle to tell of the atrocities commited by social workers, we also have got reports from young people who left care telling us of crimes commited by social workers while in care, and naturally we are not responsible if those people use the situation to go and publish the truth about their suffering on the hands of social services.

we must make it clear that unless I have signed personally a document, or it's in my voice, or my picture attached to a fact, then I am not responsible to what happens to social workers, all my demonstrations, outside 10 downing street, the parliament, the tavistock clinic, camden council, and in the future all over the borough of Camden are with police knowledge, and I am working in the light, and if any suggestion of activity that's illegal is made, I will take whoever makes it to court for breaching my human rights.

Walid ElSharkawy,
B.Sc. M.Sc. M.Phil in Electronic Engineering
32, Kendal
Augustus Street


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

door to door petition coming soon

news on this one to follow, petition has already been written and I will formulate it and publish details soon

Campaign outside the Tavistock

Thursday, 9 August 2007

family liaison officer?!

the day after my child was killed, a family liaison officer came to my house, and said she's leaving for her annual holiday, and gave me details of someone who replaces her.

the other 'someone' never called, never told us anything, I almost forgot there's anything such as a 'liaison' officer.

today she rang to tell me she's actually moving on to another department!!!
and that the next person coming will be in touch (give us more of that!)

I told her I want access to my child's diary, and made sure she's aware of the implication of what 'independent' social worker means, she wasn't interested in that, but rather in the facts about social workers that I was telling her.

in the end she said: "I warn you not to do anything about it, because you can be put in for that"!!

I said, I am allowed to ring 118 118, aren't I?!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

camden new journal .. Probe into Salma's diary

Guardian's Goering, you're appalling

I am Salma's father, and I am appalled at the cheap Goering of the guardian who never bothered to bring out facts of hungry social workers on £1000/h, and power mad social workers who make the police force a little child away from her bed, and only wants to get on over Mr Hemming.

it's appaling that Hywell only cares about defending a corrupt system which puts families into living hell, and making jokes about noble prizes.

children in care end up terrorists, or prostitutes, and none of them get prizes, these are left for the stuck up guys who drain the resources of the country

check: to learn more

the police still want to give the diary to the criminals

I still can't get my daughter's diary,
and it still is passed to the SS throught their paid social worker.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Salma's diary, limited information

Salma's diary has been withheld by the police up in Derbyshire,
for some reason, I was told that there's been a concern there,
it's been released to the police here in London, some sort of child unit,
and also at the same time, it's been released to what they referred to as:
"independent social worker"!! ... oh not again
the 'independent social worker' here is the NSPCC, and those are NOT independent,
they are paid by the local authorities, and they are given access to information

I asked to be incorporated in every step of the way,
they refused,
I rang Camden Council,
they said they would come back to me.

Salma is not in their care anymore,
a crime has been commited against this child.

will update this page as soon as new information is made available.

Friday, 3 August 2007

our second production

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Hodge, Jones and Allen, solicitors from hell

I first contacted them in January, and it took till March to get any thing done
Eve Chawdhury, a person who represents evil in its raw form was my solicitor.

She contradicted the simplest laws by refusing to start my case once I asked for it,
she said you can only start after we got the money!!
where did probono go?

she got my statement and changed it to water it down so much,
everything that shows the SS for what they really are has been removed,

the barristers they gave me were so evil I thought they work for the SS actually!!
more on Hodge Jones and Allen to come soon

Daughter died while in care of social workers
Ben Leapman, Home Affairs Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:52am BST 29/07/2007

The grieving parents of a 12-year-old girl who died in council care have condemned the secrecy of the family courts which took their daughter away.

Salma's father, Walid, protesting outside Parliament

Salma ElSharkawy was killed along with care worker, Beth Fitton, 23, when their car hit a tree and burst into flames near Buxton, Derbyshire, earlier this month.

Salma was removed from her family at the age of 10 after her mother Mary O'Sullivan, 49, asked social workers to help deal with her bad behaviour. Since then her parents had been fighting to get her back.

She regularly ran away from foster care and returned home, only to be returned to her foster carers by police.

A judge ruled, however, that she should remain in council care, despite being told by Salma in a handwritten letter: "I think social services are liars. I wish I could go home to my mum and dad. No one knows how I feel except my mum [and] dad. I feel very sad and down. If you don't say I am not going home my life will be destroyed."

advertisementIn her letter, Salma also criticises the Monroe Young Family Centre, where her family was assessed.

Walid ElSharkawy, 43, an IT technician, claims his daughter was let down by the family courts, lawyers and the council in Camden, north London. The parents have launched their own campaign to lift the veil of secrecy around family court hearings, with the threat of jail for parents who speak publicly about having their children taken away.

They join a growing number of voices expressing concern.

Last month, the Government abandoned plans to allow limited media access to the hearings, prompting Sarah Harman, a solicitor specialising in family law and elder sister of Harriet, deputy leader of the Labour Party, to increase pressure to open up proceedings.

Mr ElSharkawy said: "When I heard we were going to court, I thought we would be all right because we've done nothing wrong. But there is no justice.

"The case was fixed from day one by people who work with each other. You stand no chance of getting your child back. I want to open up the family courts and make social workers accountable."

Miss O'Sullivan, a hospital volunteer, said: "Social services were desperate to get the care order.

"Salma was my only child and I'm 49, so I won't be able to have any more. Someone has got to take the blame for this - she died in their care."

Miss O'Sullivan sought help in 2005 while her husband was working in the Middle East. After Salma was removed, her parents, married but separated, underwent psychiatric and parenting assessments in their quest to get her back.

The mother was diagnosed with dysthymia or chronic mild depression. The father claims he was told he was "too rigid", "lacked understanding of Salma's emotional needs" and had "little insight into her complex personality".

During his assessment, he says, he was given tasks including counting backwards in sevens from 100. Mr ElSharkawy said: "If you talk to your child during an assessment, they say you're 'trying to impose your character'. If your child answers you, they're 'begging for attention'. It's evil, the way they use words."

On occasions Salma slept rough while on the run from foster care. Her parents obeyed court orders by telephoning police each time their daughter turned up at their doorstep. They believe this cost them dearly because social workers told Salma that it proved they did not want her at home.

In 2006, a judge ordered that Salma should remain in foster care. She spent the last four months of her life at a children's home in the Peak District operated by Adventure Care Ltd, a private firm, at a cost to taxpayers of £2,920 a week - six times more than a boarding place at the top public girls' school Roedean. She was living in a house with Miss Fitton, receiving one-to-one care and personal tuition.

On July 3, Miss Fitton was driving Salma when her car hit a tree and burst into flames.

Camden council is to order an independent inquiry into Salma's care. A spokesman said: "This is an extremely difficult time for Salma's family and friends after her tragic death. We send them our deepest sympathy.

"It is always an extremely difficult decision for all involved - parents, children and social workers - when any child is taken into care, and this is always the very last resort. In Salma's case the court decided it would be in her best interest to take her into care."

• Do you know of a victim of injustice resulting from the secrecy in the family courts system? If so, please email us at

We will not identify individuals without their consent.

Publishers wishing to reproduce photographs on this page should phone 44 (0) 207 931 2921 or email

daily telegraph

Saturday, 28 July 2007

a poem for my daughter .. Salma

y Daughter

We cannot raise the dead my daughter,
Love again is far,
Forage not in all the wreckage, dry your tears again
So raise your head, my daughter
and walk with me again
Through this murder may your spirit rise
As though an angel here
Could appear appear an angel dear
For you, my daughter, are mine.
Cannot we feel the blood she cries,
The soul that weeps so cold?
Ignore her purpose and let her die
Good, my daughter, say goodbye
To all the love your family had
For ours has gone away
The tears you weep in vain,
My daughter,
The tears you weep are lost.
Raise your head my precious daughter now,
For help has come our way
Though the help they give, the help they have,
Is far too late my daughter
My daughter you have seen the cold
Watched your mother fade away
The glimmer in her eyes
The emptiness we cannot disguise
The murder you have felt.
Try try my daughter, try again,
To once again love another,
Though haunted nights pass slowly now
And leave you cold and lost
May love again give you a meaning
When all you’ve known is pain
Yes, yes, my daughter, lie down again
For you have met your end.

written by: melissa fox

Friday, 27 July 2007

first video production ... Frank Dobson MP

more to come with time

please press start to see it all, this call is since 5/7 .. Dobson never came back ..
By Emma Downes THE MOTHER of a 12-year-old girl who died in a car crash near Miller's Dale has spoken of her "beautiful daughter".Salma El Shatawry was the passenger in a Peugeot car driven by Buxton care worker Beth Fitton when the car left the road and collided with a tree. Both died in the crash.
Her mum Mary O'Sullivan said: "It is just so tragic for both families. Salma was lovely, she was a beautiful girl."
Mary said she had met Beth, who worked at a residential care centre where Salma was living: "Beth was such a lovely girl, she looked after her," said Mary.
"Although Salma didn't want to go there in the first place, after a few weeks she was horse riding and enjoying the countryside.
"Salma was very bright and had a great imagination.
"Wherever Salma went, everyone loved her. I will never forget my lovely daughter."
Mary, who lives in London and met Salma's father in Egypt, said she had many unanswered questions about the accident.
"We don't know what is going to happen with the inquest, what caused the accident or anything," she said.Last Updated: 26 July 2007 11:26 AM

the right honourable Frank Dobson MP, honourable!!!?

alright Mr Dobson, I think it's time you listen now January 2005 I wrote you a letter and called you,all I wanted was for you to stop your gangsters ,they came my house and maltreated me ..Kurt Ferdinand gave me two names,Kurt and Hamza, .. I had to doubt him,Claire Day told my wife she had been abused sexually,I asked you to stop this kind of person coming to me,you never listened,-------------Feb2005, you said the case is now in court, can't see to itI have that on tape Frank .. I will let the people listen,I know you can't do anything once it's in court,but you could have done a lot before it did-------------July2006, I rang again to say it's out of court, said there's a court decision, nothing you can do about it ...I let you get away with that ...---------------in March 2007 I rang and wrote .. you never bothered answering,in July 2007, Salma is dead now sir, I hoped your conscience would wake upbut no didn't say there's nothing you can do didn't even bother to answer my calls ..and for that ... you will be sorryI will publish copies of the phone conversations ..with your aids/ receptionists, ... who promise to come backbut never bother ..surely all foolish people who vote for you would love to read this storyyours despisinglyWalid


an SS officer came to my house and asked me such silly stuff,

what do you know about Claudia Enthoven and about our staff,

I said I know everything, ... she said, can you show me addresses?

oh gosh

what does she think she is/ I am?

those people need to be tought a tough lesson,

if I vanish in an 'accident' ... it's Camden Social Services that did it,

most likely it will be a car accident ...

copies of this site are on CD's with friends in Nigeria and Egypt.

England simply has no power or control over the Internet,

the truth will come to light ..

whoever is running that business which affords £1000/hour to Steve Bambrough, must pay attention,

your crimes went a bit too far this time mate.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

the investigations series .. part1 .. Jackie Williams, super-woman

having started my demonstration outside the Parliament and 10 downing street, I decided to also pursue the criminals who committed the murder of my child, and here we start:

Jackie Williams, an African British whose IQ is hardly worth measuring,

she presented herself in a letter sent to a social worker as well as Marion Bower (more on her later) and to Margaret Rustin (same too) of the Tavistock clinic as a family support worker, and wrote a letter full of lies of what she's been told by the mother and the child and that she (Williams) has fears about the mental health of the mother back in 2004.

last year I inquired about Williams' position in Rhyl primary school where Salma was, and was told she doesn't actually work for Rhyl PS (much more on that later), but rather for Haverstock (same here) school, I then asked the council, the LEA who does she really work for, as I wanted to complain against her, who's her boss?

I was told that they were going to send me information about her according to freedom of information act, and sent me the forms, but later said that she doesn't actually work for them, but rather for Haverstock secondary school!!

I then went to Haverstock and asked about her, the answer was, yes she is a 'school liaison officer', so she acts as an in-between the primary and secondary schools, at the time, we were busy with Salma escaping care, so I didn't pursue the matter further but kept the papers for later.

I have now reopened the case files, and for some reason it turned out to be a huge scam, the woman actually works for 6 primary schools and a secondary school all at the same time, and is on the payroll of Haverstock!! .. I can't believe this!

I tried contacting the school, the big boss, Daud is currently in France enjoying the sun, when he's back they will tell him, Nicky told me.

I will take this matter further .. and that's the start of the Jackie Williams, the super woman file.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

out of borough solicitors

solicitors out of borough are the natural choice,
for me I found that the second solicitors, (Punatar) were just about the best,
I send them papers, they just go and post it to the SS,
I ask them to say something, they just go and say it,
it could be because of the fact that they are more to do with Islington perhaps,
but I learnt that local authorities have favours exchanged with local solicitors,
surely they have contracts with hired-guns, such as the tavistock, monroe, etc,
but with solicitors I was shocked to find out the truth.

Yes, Camden council has got links with every solicitor in the area,
and this is why it's not strange to hear: "sorry we have a lot of cases at the moment",

Bindmans solicitors are an example,
I saw it on a website that they won a case against the SS, and was impressed,
so I rang them back in December 2005, no luck.

I tried again many times in early 2006, but everytime they say they have no place for me,
again in 2006, no luck
even after Salma died, they don't even want to do the injury claim!!!

strange when you really trust a system only to find out that it's so corrupt!

Punatar, (perhaps it was the circumstances) did an excellent job on us, the judge had sent us to another assessment, and we had it in our minds: (pass this, you have a chance, fait it, and you're doomed) so I told them there's nothing you can do for me, .. just wish me luck,
they simply said they would, and we went on to loose the second assessment (more on this later)

One thing I am so eager to mention is that when they were asked for what is seemingly a no-go issue, (namely when I asked for the judge to bring in the people who made lies about me and interrogate them (cross-question), they still tried in court for me, but we failed, but at least we tried.

however after the case was all over, I felt it's not right for them to charge anything, and I had a letter from them telling me they were increasing some charges, so I got mad and warned them if they don't stop charging I would complain, and they accepted it, and all was finished amicably.

I feel sorry about being aggressive, but it felt fair at the time.
I would recommend Punatar to anyone at the moment.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Demo outside 10 downing street soon

I have applied to sharing cross police station to allow me to demo and waiting to hear from them.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

what if you leave a lawyer, what happens?

When I left Avadis, I was stuck with the paperwork and not knowing where to head next, I just kept on ringing firms.
One of them just took the signatures, bundles, everything then rang Avadis, Avaid told them he's a demanding client, and as a result, they rang and told me, "sorry, we won't take your case on", without giving reasons.

All I wanted at the time was just to get someone to represent me, I didn't need any maneuvering, or clever works, just straight plain representation.

But none of it, all I had was straight cowardice, nobody wanted to take my case, till I got Punatar, who were very easy to deal with.

They asked me to give them the paperwork which I did, and started acting straightaway, no time waste.

I met them a couple of times and was getting ready for my second assessment (more on that in the assessment area, so there was nothing anybody can do to remedy the situation.

Punatar was very professional they arranged for me to go to meet the barrister before the hearing and their advice was very good, and when I wanted more, they gave me more.

However, as I had to give up on the case in the end and after the final hearing I wanted them to help me with the situation with regards to the Tavistock whom I wanted to pursue the matter against, but unfortunately, I wasn't helped and they just kept saying we are waiting for response from the barrister for no good reason, and yet they were drawing money from the legal aid without doing any service (or so I thought at least) so I wrote to cancel our agreement and stop the contract.

The scandalous bit was when I first went to Hodge Jones and Allen who simply said, ok we take it on, but we can't even write a letter on your behalf till we have received funds from legal services which delayed the case by at least 1 month, who knows what would have happened if they started on it straight away, they got the money anyway, but it could have saved poor Salma from death if they started earlier, I think Hodge Jones and Allan helped killing Salma in many ways, and in the article related to them I will tell more, but that is one of the things they did.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Avadis solicitors, the painful truth

when I knew Salma wasn't coming home, I tried to work with the solicitors for the best,
in court it was a matter of character assassination by devious social workers who have no conscience, the statements they write are not about Salma, but about the parents.

So I thought I as well have the right to tell what they are like to us, but that doesn't work in family courts, ..
in family courts you are there only to take the verdict of the SS and have no right to defend yourself, more often than not the things they said were baseless.

at one time I was quoted to have said: "my daughter is a compulsive liar", at the time I didn't even know what that meant, yet the devil Michelle Mason, (more on that monster to come in her section).

I told the solicitor, I don't evn know what the word means, let alone use it, but to my amazement, nothing was done about it.

We were given another social worker, Cherrie Waldock, a Canadian racist who called me a negro on CCTV and in front of the social services desk staff and got away with it, so I complained to my solicitor, .... nothing was done.

all I had was, work with them, see what they take against you and do it properly, and you get your daughter back.

between March 2005 and May 2005, I had almost emptied the flat out, re-painted all the walls, and built a very lovable cosy environment.

We got denied phone calls by Waldock, I told Lona Haddadi, but no joy, we still suffered.

Frequently, we were given rights by the guardian, (a real human, a real professional, and a real gentleman) which my own solicitor didn't even consider.

When I found out that the first assessment was a scam, I complained to her, she did nothing to fix things up for me.

She's sent me for a psychiatrist's assessment who has 'connections' with the Avadis' but I am quite sure that the average person would have never passed it. (more on that when I write my articles about assessment).

In the days leading to the final hearing we were desparate for another assessment, she told me you won't get any!!

and it was the guardian's solicitor's that helped me get one, thanks be to Allah for that, she was such an ignorant pompous person in court, and most likely she was happy to see my daughter being taken away than seeing the SS being exposed for what they really are.

Many times I went to the court only to find that I had no barrister till it was a few minutes before the hearing. and in the end, we were given leave to appoint another assessment person, Marylin, her first name was, but Avadis didn't send the paperwork to her, till it was the last week, I went to them and asked why it wasn't sent? .. we had only a few days, she said the papers were lost!!

I said send another bundle!! .. she said we can't afford the courier!!

and on the final hearing day she didn't turn up and I never saw her till the case was adjourned on the final hearing day.


Solicitors .. the painful story

When I received the court summons, I was scared of what's to come, but all the same, the things written in the first statement by Claire Day were all so false I could expect the judge to simply throw away the case and end it there and then.

there's noway I would be described as 24 year old, or subcontinental origin and speaking a brummie accent, the judge should be able to tell from my appearance that Kurt Ferdinand (a member of a 'black power' group who thinks he's muslim called Hamza) and social worker, couldn't have possibly seen me ever.

there's noway the judge would believe that Salma was brought here from Egypt at the age of four, and that I was away in Egypt whereas my passport and documents show those people as giving false evidence under oath.

so I told the solicitors all that and was assured that all will be well,
you will meet a barrister in court on Monday she said, and she will help you there.

In court, I was met by someone who said, I am sorry I hadn't had time to read about your case, I just received it today in the morning, and you will need to prove you are the father if you wish to enter the court!!!

I was lucky I had some proof and we went in to sit there.

the first thing I was told was that the mother doesn't wish me to be in the home (told that by the mother's solicitor's {Osbournes of Camden town} and my barrister asked to retire and have a word, ... we were given that.

the barrister told me, your wife told her solicitors that you are not welcome at home anymore and that she wishes you to please leave.

to be honest I was shocked, but thought, perhaps if that makes them let Salma stay with her mom then I am ok to live in the street till I find a place, and I also promised to bring in a cleaning company to remove my furniture and decorate the place.

while I was at it, the barrister said, .. "you stand no chance of having your daughter at home tonight sir ...", so even though all we saw was just lies ... it made no difference.

I wondered why we went to court in the first place!

why don't they issue this kind of care order in the SS headquarters?
why not ask the SS to provide evidence!
why has my wife suddendly decided she doesn't want me?

a lot of questions ...
why is that person paid for representing me if I am a looser anyway?
how many other people face the same thing?

I asked my wife later about it, and she said that her solicitor, Ruth de Fraine, advised her to get rid of me!!!

I accepted that Salma was not coming home, and now I say, that Salma died on that day, Feb 24th 2005.

My solicitor at the time was Avadis and Co of Kentish town high street.

I was then introduced to a new person called Lona Haddadi, who was supposed to be my solicitor, and I will take my time in the next article to tell the suffering I had on her hands.

more to come

Friday, 13 July 2007

The Tavistock, who do they really work for?

the Tavistock and Portman clinic,

a name that stands so high above the rest in courts,

what they say is taken for granted,

it doesn't matter if they work for Tavistock and ALSO work for the local authorities,

it doesn't matter if social services employees are financially gaining from the process,

not even if the Tavistock employees are also running adoption agencies or working for them,

in court, the Tavistock is an independent body.

when I saw the injustices, I thought I would find a place to complain to, but no such luck,

I wrote to them first as I said above and they agreed never to let her into our lives,

then after we got the Monroe disaster I wrote to them, and the result was shambolic,

Temple doesn't mind lying for fun, he is so protective of his staff,

he never questions their deeds, they are always right.

He lied on official papers so many times,

I took the matter with the medical commision, Michael Warburton, who was helpful,

but he gets the same kind of replies: (I have no reason to question my staff's professionalism)

(We are sorry about Miss Bowers being reinstated, but that's the local authority's choice)

so it's really hopeless complaining,

I rang the NHS helpline, the Royal Free, .. you name it, those people are gods.

absolute power, absoule corruption.

In November 2005 they offered us sessions together with Salma (may Allah have mercy on her)

Salma refused to go there flat, they said: if Salma doesn't come, you don't either.

the strange thing is that they predicted Salma would be taken permanently far before the final hearing.

people to be aware of .. and events you should worry about ..

When I returned from Qatar, I was told that social services were already involved with my family, and all their input was limited to directing the mother to work in tandem with the child in order to work on the home, cleaning, tidying, etc ...

I was also aware that Salma and her mom used to go to a therapeutic institution called, 'Tavistock', well, Tavistock looks to the outsider as such a great place to go to, but in reality it actually is just another money grabbing business run by individuals for the benefit of the staff, rather than the public.

Salma is supposed to have started going there since 2002, and the mother since 2000.
However, all they actually did was put Salma in a room with a therapist who went to sleep (according to Salma) while Salma was playing with toys and talking about her wishes.

The mother, meanwhile, was met by a woman called (Marion Bower), who goes under the title of (A senior lecturer in social work), and whose input in the case is so evil that you can safely blame her for the death of Salma.

The reports written by Bowers are so evil, you will never begin to imagine the sort of things she said .. She diagnosed (yes, diagnosed even though she's only a lowly social worker) the mother to be unfit to have a child at home!!

She referred her to a person within the same insitute who only managed to say:
Sorry we can't offer you any mental help and I recommend you to be seen by therapy groups, but currently we don't have a place.
And she went on to show how depressed the mother is, and that she (Francesca Hume) wouldn't wonder if the father (who never heard of the Tavistock) is also depressed!!

The Tavistock are more than capable of sentencing anyone to be deprived of his kids just because the poor fool foolishly admitted to be feeling 'uncomfortable'.

when I learnt about the Tavistock, it was too late, the SS quoted them so extensivley, and they never talk.

I asked them at the Tavistock, did you really say that Salma looked unkempt or dirty?
they said no,
I said give us that on paper,
they said sorry we don't want to get involved.

I said to them: I, Walid, and my wife, and, Salma simply want that person to have nothing to do with our family.
We just don't trust that person, it's as simple as that, ,,,

we received response to this from N. O. T. Temple, the top head in the Tavistock, he promised she would be excluded from all our family business.

6 months later, that evil person was still onto our case making decisions about our future, we got mad. and all we got back was an apology and a promise, it won't happen again.

In March 2007, the evil Bowers was still on the case, her paws still ruining our lives.

beleive it or not, she was reported to have got patients too!!!!
I wrote asking: Is she really qualified to have patiends?
Temple answered: yes she is!!!
I was advised to go to the GSSC and complain,
they investigated her,
the medical commision investigated the Tavistock,

and while at it, the Monroe too ...

Much much more to come on the Tavistock, copies of their emails and letters and hoping demonstrations and even pictures of the criminals who caused this disaster will be published.

I complained ag

Pre Interim care order ... why was Salma taken in the first place?

What I am going to write here was at one time a crime on its own when we were in court,
I will say exactly why Salma was taken from us here,

I, of Arab origin thought at one time that it's actually best to let the mother take care of the child as there was a very good relationship between the two. More often than not, Salma would sort of 'go to mom' rather than come to me, and I thought .. ah well I am the bread runner, I have no reason to worry really, and Salma will always understand how much daddy loves her at one time.

When the two went out, I asked them where they were going, and I cared, but still not enough to actually investigate it in depth.

They went to what's called (The Tavistock and Portman clinic)
more about those in a bit

the structure of this website

in this website I will put all the details, and all the injustices my family suffered, hopefully I will also include names, jobs, and perhaps more about every criminal that participated in this disaster.

We have nothing to fear anymore, and the world must know about the Gestapo Services that run this country, the child snatchers and their web of deceit.

Salma was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1994 to a wonderful mother and father, and has since her birth shown signs of brilliance that she was so much loved by everyone for her intellect and beauty.

As with all other families, we had our problems too, and unfortunately, my family's problems were leaked to the Gestapo by the mother.

The mother, a wonderful person, asked them for help a couple of times a year as she couldn't talk to anyone else, because she didn't have time for socialising and with her family living away in the north of England, she went and sought help sometimes from social services.

it was nothing serious, and she now admits she should have talked to myself, but that's history now.

she was sometimes not happy about seeing my mother who wasn't comfortable about being with her and with lack of common language too, things were very difficult.

as with nearly all families , the mother thinks she's not welcome at son's home, and the wife thinks that mother in law wants to have her husband to herself.

I tried my best to make them understand each other, but the mother can't speak Arabic and my mom's English is so poor, it was so difficult for me.

Sometimes being an Arab, I would go shouting, and my wife would fear the worst, so she wouldn't answer back, but go and tell them she's scared. just a person to listen to, but she didn't know that they were cooking a murder then.

in 2003, I had had enough with the work market getting more and more difficult for Arabs because of September 11'th and because of the war in Iraq, I decided to go and work in Qatar, an Arab country ...

more to come

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Camden Social Services, the criminals who killed Salma

This site is dedicated to tell the story of Salma, a 12 year old hero who died in a car accident while in care of Camden Social Services.

The corrupt regime of England has yielded so much pain to the poor innocent families that it's now time someone must talk, I will write here all I can about the murder of Salma, and will make sure the whole world know those people really are.

Salma's father.