Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Salma's diary seen!...

the diary has now been shown to us,

my precious baby wrote: I am being abused by the foster carer.

but the pages before and after that are actually MISSING!

and the diary is LOOSE!

if we know that the diary was in possession of social services for nearly a month before it was let,

and for some strange reason most of Salma's possessions were held by Camden till Friday!

(Friday is the day when the diary investigation ended)

then we will realise that the criminal has had amble time to destroy all evidence!

what with a paid gun into the investigation being able to give the opinion,

the investigation ended as: yes there was abuse, BUT we can't point the finger anywhere,

AND we can say there was BAD SOCIAL WORK.

that's all we got out of it.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Pressure group formed abroad V.O.C.S.S

Victims of Camden Social Services group has been formed in a foriegn country to pursue the process of defending the victims of the social thugs and social care-takers.

more on this and a new website which I will not take part in due to my personal situation will be made available soon with news views and articles that will shock the average reader about those villains who specialise in destroyed people's lives.

scandal, social services are forging success!!

an alleged foster carer who was so happy in foster care and even managed to become a foster parent herself, has wrriten an article to the Camden New Journal who simply took in the details and published it.

I read the article and wondered how that may have happened as for that person to be in care has to have a very good reason (well, not really but that's what they always claim) and when she gets her own kids, those reasons will always stand in the way of her keeping them.

I didn't bother investigating till an insider supplied me with the bitter truth.
that person is actually a social worker who has never been in care


(victims of Camden social services group)