Monday, 12 November 2007

scandal, social services are forging success!!

an alleged foster carer who was so happy in foster care and even managed to become a foster parent herself, has wrriten an article to the Camden New Journal who simply took in the details and published it.

I read the article and wondered how that may have happened as for that person to be in care has to have a very good reason (well, not really but that's what they always claim) and when she gets her own kids, those reasons will always stand in the way of her keeping them.

I didn't bother investigating till an insider supplied me with the bitter truth.
that person is actually a social worker who has never been in care


(victims of Camden social services group)

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may said...

Hello, is the dr weiner your talking about from Vad bish? Because if so, hes also recking my life. please could you let me know?!