Thursday, 6 November 2008

Andy Wiener, a ruthless savage, also works for the Tavistock

Dear all,

so far, we haven't added much to this site, and I expect improvements to be so slow you will feel that we have given up in the campaign, but far from it.

we are actually extremely active and we are making a lot of progress,
the only thing is that we are fighting a punch of hardened terrorists with a lot of power, and eventually, this country will be rid of those money craving monsters.

to let you know who Andy Wiener is, I had a personal encounter with the guy,
this guy is only interested in photography, he finances his wierd hoppy from money extracted by writing damning reports about parents to help the SS snatch their children away.

I can sware in a court of law that I saw him in the act of lying, and I can provide vocal audio evidence to that.

he was 'acting' as a manager for a team that is not known exactly in Camden when he concocted a report to condemn my late hero child to be excluded from society, but his luck ran out when she won by leaving the whole world to this greedy scumbag who doesn't know anything about reason or justice.

Yesterday I was amazed to see that Elizabeth Bradley, another member of Tavistock's terrorist doctors works together with that Wiener in the Tavistock, actually under his leadership.

Simply put, Wiener is a wierd person, and here's his website,

to him this child is called 'death scene' .. that is death to him

I will keep you all updated, so please don't forget our battle against those terrorists.