Friday, 13 July 2007

Pre Interim care order ... why was Salma taken in the first place?

What I am going to write here was at one time a crime on its own when we were in court,
I will say exactly why Salma was taken from us here,

I, of Arab origin thought at one time that it's actually best to let the mother take care of the child as there was a very good relationship between the two. More often than not, Salma would sort of 'go to mom' rather than come to me, and I thought .. ah well I am the bread runner, I have no reason to worry really, and Salma will always understand how much daddy loves her at one time.

When the two went out, I asked them where they were going, and I cared, but still not enough to actually investigate it in depth.

They went to what's called (The Tavistock and Portman clinic)
more about those in a bit

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