Tuesday, 24 July 2007

the investigations series .. part1 .. Jackie Williams, super-woman

having started my demonstration outside the Parliament and 10 downing street, I decided to also pursue the criminals who committed the murder of my child, and here we start:

Jackie Williams, an African British whose IQ is hardly worth measuring,

she presented herself in a letter sent to a social worker as well as Marion Bower (more on her later) and to Margaret Rustin (same too) of the Tavistock clinic as a family support worker, and wrote a letter full of lies of what she's been told by the mother and the child and that she (Williams) has fears about the mental health of the mother back in 2004.

last year I inquired about Williams' position in Rhyl primary school where Salma was, and was told she doesn't actually work for Rhyl PS (much more on that later), but rather for Haverstock (same here) school, I then asked the council, the LEA who does she really work for, as I wanted to complain against her, who's her boss?

I was told that they were going to send me information about her according to freedom of information act, and sent me the forms, but later said that she doesn't actually work for them, but rather for Haverstock secondary school!!

I then went to Haverstock and asked about her, the answer was, yes she is a 'school liaison officer', so she acts as an in-between the primary and secondary schools, at the time, we were busy with Salma escaping care, so I didn't pursue the matter further but kept the papers for later.

I have now reopened the case files, and for some reason it turned out to be a huge scam, the woman actually works for 6 primary schools and a secondary school all at the same time, and is on the payroll of Haverstock!! .. I can't believe this!

I tried contacting the school, the big boss, Daud is currently in France enjoying the sun, when he's back they will tell him, Nicky told me.

I will take this matter further .. and that's the start of the Jackie Williams, the super woman file.

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