Sunday, 15 July 2007

Avadis solicitors, the painful truth

when I knew Salma wasn't coming home, I tried to work with the solicitors for the best,
in court it was a matter of character assassination by devious social workers who have no conscience, the statements they write are not about Salma, but about the parents.

So I thought I as well have the right to tell what they are like to us, but that doesn't work in family courts, ..
in family courts you are there only to take the verdict of the SS and have no right to defend yourself, more often than not the things they said were baseless.

at one time I was quoted to have said: "my daughter is a compulsive liar", at the time I didn't even know what that meant, yet the devil Michelle Mason, (more on that monster to come in her section).

I told the solicitor, I don't evn know what the word means, let alone use it, but to my amazement, nothing was done about it.

We were given another social worker, Cherrie Waldock, a Canadian racist who called me a negro on CCTV and in front of the social services desk staff and got away with it, so I complained to my solicitor, .... nothing was done.

all I had was, work with them, see what they take against you and do it properly, and you get your daughter back.

between March 2005 and May 2005, I had almost emptied the flat out, re-painted all the walls, and built a very lovable cosy environment.

We got denied phone calls by Waldock, I told Lona Haddadi, but no joy, we still suffered.

Frequently, we were given rights by the guardian, (a real human, a real professional, and a real gentleman) which my own solicitor didn't even consider.

When I found out that the first assessment was a scam, I complained to her, she did nothing to fix things up for me.

She's sent me for a psychiatrist's assessment who has 'connections' with the Avadis' but I am quite sure that the average person would have never passed it. (more on that when I write my articles about assessment).

In the days leading to the final hearing we were desparate for another assessment, she told me you won't get any!!

and it was the guardian's solicitor's that helped me get one, thanks be to Allah for that, she was such an ignorant pompous person in court, and most likely she was happy to see my daughter being taken away than seeing the SS being exposed for what they really are.

Many times I went to the court only to find that I had no barrister till it was a few minutes before the hearing. and in the end, we were given leave to appoint another assessment person, Marylin, her first name was, but Avadis didn't send the paperwork to her, till it was the last week, I went to them and asked why it wasn't sent? .. we had only a few days, she said the papers were lost!!

I said send another bundle!! .. she said we can't afford the courier!!

and on the final hearing day she didn't turn up and I never saw her till the case was adjourned on the final hearing day.


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Yiehya said...

Is there anyone else here have a bit of clue smell a real conspiracy going around!!!
I am sure that Salma and other victims of children in their way to be victimized are asking you to go On and don't let it go without punishment.

So, for the sake of Salma and others keep going and keep being strong.

Yiehya Zakaria