Friday, 13 July 2007

The Tavistock, who do they really work for?

the Tavistock and Portman clinic,

a name that stands so high above the rest in courts,

what they say is taken for granted,

it doesn't matter if they work for Tavistock and ALSO work for the local authorities,

it doesn't matter if social services employees are financially gaining from the process,

not even if the Tavistock employees are also running adoption agencies or working for them,

in court, the Tavistock is an independent body.

when I saw the injustices, I thought I would find a place to complain to, but no such luck,

I wrote to them first as I said above and they agreed never to let her into our lives,

then after we got the Monroe disaster I wrote to them, and the result was shambolic,

Temple doesn't mind lying for fun, he is so protective of his staff,

he never questions their deeds, they are always right.

He lied on official papers so many times,

I took the matter with the medical commision, Michael Warburton, who was helpful,

but he gets the same kind of replies: (I have no reason to question my staff's professionalism)

(We are sorry about Miss Bowers being reinstated, but that's the local authority's choice)

so it's really hopeless complaining,

I rang the NHS helpline, the Royal Free, .. you name it, those people are gods.

absolute power, absoule corruption.

In November 2005 they offered us sessions together with Salma (may Allah have mercy on her)

Salma refused to go there flat, they said: if Salma doesn't come, you don't either.

the strange thing is that they predicted Salma would be taken permanently far before the final hearing.

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