Friday, 13 July 2007

the structure of this website

in this website I will put all the details, and all the injustices my family suffered, hopefully I will also include names, jobs, and perhaps more about every criminal that participated in this disaster.

We have nothing to fear anymore, and the world must know about the Gestapo Services that run this country, the child snatchers and their web of deceit.

Salma was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1994 to a wonderful mother and father, and has since her birth shown signs of brilliance that she was so much loved by everyone for her intellect and beauty.

As with all other families, we had our problems too, and unfortunately, my family's problems were leaked to the Gestapo by the mother.

The mother, a wonderful person, asked them for help a couple of times a year as she couldn't talk to anyone else, because she didn't have time for socialising and with her family living away in the north of England, she went and sought help sometimes from social services.

it was nothing serious, and she now admits she should have talked to myself, but that's history now.

she was sometimes not happy about seeing my mother who wasn't comfortable about being with her and with lack of common language too, things were very difficult.

as with nearly all families , the mother thinks she's not welcome at son's home, and the wife thinks that mother in law wants to have her husband to herself.

I tried my best to make them understand each other, but the mother can't speak Arabic and my mom's English is so poor, it was so difficult for me.

Sometimes being an Arab, I would go shouting, and my wife would fear the worst, so she wouldn't answer back, but go and tell them she's scared. just a person to listen to, but she didn't know that they were cooking a murder then.

in 2003, I had had enough with the work market getting more and more difficult for Arabs because of September 11'th and because of the war in Iraq, I decided to go and work in Qatar, an Arab country ...

more to come

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