Sunday, 15 July 2007

Solicitors .. the painful story

When I received the court summons, I was scared of what's to come, but all the same, the things written in the first statement by Claire Day were all so false I could expect the judge to simply throw away the case and end it there and then.

there's noway I would be described as 24 year old, or subcontinental origin and speaking a brummie accent, the judge should be able to tell from my appearance that Kurt Ferdinand (a member of a 'black power' group who thinks he's muslim called Hamza) and social worker, couldn't have possibly seen me ever.

there's noway the judge would believe that Salma was brought here from Egypt at the age of four, and that I was away in Egypt whereas my passport and documents show those people as giving false evidence under oath.

so I told the solicitors all that and was assured that all will be well,
you will meet a barrister in court on Monday she said, and she will help you there.

In court, I was met by someone who said, I am sorry I hadn't had time to read about your case, I just received it today in the morning, and you will need to prove you are the father if you wish to enter the court!!!

I was lucky I had some proof and we went in to sit there.

the first thing I was told was that the mother doesn't wish me to be in the home (told that by the mother's solicitor's {Osbournes of Camden town} and my barrister asked to retire and have a word, ... we were given that.

the barrister told me, your wife told her solicitors that you are not welcome at home anymore and that she wishes you to please leave.

to be honest I was shocked, but thought, perhaps if that makes them let Salma stay with her mom then I am ok to live in the street till I find a place, and I also promised to bring in a cleaning company to remove my furniture and decorate the place.

while I was at it, the barrister said, .. "you stand no chance of having your daughter at home tonight sir ...", so even though all we saw was just lies ... it made no difference.

I wondered why we went to court in the first place!

why don't they issue this kind of care order in the SS headquarters?
why not ask the SS to provide evidence!
why has my wife suddendly decided she doesn't want me?

a lot of questions ...
why is that person paid for representing me if I am a looser anyway?
how many other people face the same thing?

I asked my wife later about it, and she said that her solicitor, Ruth de Fraine, advised her to get rid of me!!!

I accepted that Salma was not coming home, and now I say, that Salma died on that day, Feb 24th 2005.

My solicitor at the time was Avadis and Co of Kentish town high street.

I was then introduced to a new person called Lona Haddadi, who was supposed to be my solicitor, and I will take my time in the next article to tell the suffering I had on her hands.

more to come

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