Friday, 13 July 2007

people to be aware of .. and events you should worry about ..

When I returned from Qatar, I was told that social services were already involved with my family, and all their input was limited to directing the mother to work in tandem with the child in order to work on the home, cleaning, tidying, etc ...

I was also aware that Salma and her mom used to go to a therapeutic institution called, 'Tavistock', well, Tavistock looks to the outsider as such a great place to go to, but in reality it actually is just another money grabbing business run by individuals for the benefit of the staff, rather than the public.

Salma is supposed to have started going there since 2002, and the mother since 2000.
However, all they actually did was put Salma in a room with a therapist who went to sleep (according to Salma) while Salma was playing with toys and talking about her wishes.

The mother, meanwhile, was met by a woman called (Marion Bower), who goes under the title of (A senior lecturer in social work), and whose input in the case is so evil that you can safely blame her for the death of Salma.

The reports written by Bowers are so evil, you will never begin to imagine the sort of things she said .. She diagnosed (yes, diagnosed even though she's only a lowly social worker) the mother to be unfit to have a child at home!!

She referred her to a person within the same insitute who only managed to say:
Sorry we can't offer you any mental help and I recommend you to be seen by therapy groups, but currently we don't have a place.
And she went on to show how depressed the mother is, and that she (Francesca Hume) wouldn't wonder if the father (who never heard of the Tavistock) is also depressed!!

The Tavistock are more than capable of sentencing anyone to be deprived of his kids just because the poor fool foolishly admitted to be feeling 'uncomfortable'.

when I learnt about the Tavistock, it was too late, the SS quoted them so extensivley, and they never talk.

I asked them at the Tavistock, did you really say that Salma looked unkempt or dirty?
they said no,
I said give us that on paper,
they said sorry we don't want to get involved.

I said to them: I, Walid, and my wife, and, Salma simply want that person to have nothing to do with our family.
We just don't trust that person, it's as simple as that, ,,,

we received response to this from N. O. T. Temple, the top head in the Tavistock, he promised she would be excluded from all our family business.

6 months later, that evil person was still onto our case making decisions about our future, we got mad. and all we got back was an apology and a promise, it won't happen again.

In March 2007, the evil Bowers was still on the case, her paws still ruining our lives.

beleive it or not, she was reported to have got patients too!!!!
I wrote asking: Is she really qualified to have patiends?
Temple answered: yes she is!!!
I was advised to go to the GSSC and complain,
they investigated her,
the medical commision investigated the Tavistock,

and while at it, the Monroe too ...

Much much more to come on the Tavistock, copies of their emails and letters and hoping demonstrations and even pictures of the criminals who caused this disaster will be published.

I complained ag

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