Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Miss Joseph, (et all) (letter attached)

I received the letter attached from the police,
and as is clear, I am required not to contact social services anymore,
this is after reading in many media that camden council wished to stand by my family, and support us. This seems to have been one other lie that we have by now got used to.

I requested from Camden council copies of all documentation in all different formats on the 2nd of August, and been told that Camden will oblige under freedom of information act,
I also requested to exclude Camden council and any so called 'independent' advisers from having a say in analysis of my daughter's diary,
the reason is quite obvious, we don't believe in paid-independent bodies, and experience shown that to be the case.
I also put forward a professor child psychologist of top class tier who is world known, (unpaid, and above suspicions) to conduct the investigation.

It seems that Camden in collaporation with the child 'protection' unit are keen on having a paid 'independent' person to conduct the investigation against all recommendations and for an unknown reason.

Also, so far, I haven't had any contact with regards to the records which may well be changed by the time I receive them, and the child protection officer is not too keen on accepting a professor doctor in child psychology who is not paid and has many published works and who promises to put his hours free to come to the truth, and prefers to use the services of a paid agency which is a few yards away from camden local authorities and who has had 'deals' with camden council before and is expected to have more in the future which shed doubts on the outcome being onesided.

I, on behalf of the victim, and being a victim myself of paid 'independent' social workers, would like to make it crystal clear that we refuse the threats made by Mrs Shirly Lovell, as we have never done anything to suggest it, unless Camden are trying to muffle our voices using the police (as they did our daughter on many an occasion, or trying to avoid a public inquiry in which staff would they be shown to the public for what they really are.

We have met over the last few weeks many people who told us of horrible stories about social workers who abused their children and any of those may well go and blow the whistle to tell of the atrocities commited by social workers, we also have got reports from young people who left care telling us of crimes commited by social workers while in care, and naturally we are not responsible if those people use the situation to go and publish the truth about their suffering on the hands of social services.

we must make it clear that unless I have signed personally a document, or it's in my voice, or my picture attached to a fact, then I am not responsible to what happens to social workers, all my demonstrations, outside 10 downing street, the parliament, the tavistock clinic, camden council, and in the future all over the borough of Camden are with police knowledge, and I am working in the light, and if any suggestion of activity that's illegal is made, I will take whoever makes it to court for breaching my human rights.

Walid ElSharkawy,
B.Sc. M.Sc. M.Phil in Electronic Engineering
32, Kendal
Augustus Street


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