Thursday, 9 August 2007

family liaison officer?!

the day after my child was killed, a family liaison officer came to my house, and said she's leaving for her annual holiday, and gave me details of someone who replaces her.

the other 'someone' never called, never told us anything, I almost forgot there's anything such as a 'liaison' officer.

today she rang to tell me she's actually moving on to another department!!!
and that the next person coming will be in touch (give us more of that!)

I told her I want access to my child's diary, and made sure she's aware of the implication of what 'independent' social worker means, she wasn't interested in that, but rather in the facts about social workers that I was telling her.

in the end she said: "I warn you not to do anything about it, because you can be put in for that"!!

I said, I am allowed to ring 118 118, aren't I?!

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