Monday, 6 August 2007

Salma's diary, limited information

Salma's diary has been withheld by the police up in Derbyshire,
for some reason, I was told that there's been a concern there,
it's been released to the police here in London, some sort of child unit,
and also at the same time, it's been released to what they referred to as:
"independent social worker"!! ... oh not again
the 'independent social worker' here is the NSPCC, and those are NOT independent,
they are paid by the local authorities, and they are given access to information

I asked to be incorporated in every step of the way,
they refused,
I rang Camden Council,
they said they would come back to me.

Salma is not in their care anymore,
a crime has been commited against this child.

will update this page as soon as new information is made available.

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